Makalani Palm Tree

It is said that the ancient migratory routes of elephants are responsible for the palm belt that runs through the northern reaches of Namibia.

Makalani trees characterise the landscape in the Owambo regions of north-central Namibia.

Makalani Palm trees Hyphaene petersiana play an important part in the Owambo regions where people weave superb baskets from the fronds, eat the thin outer layer of the fruit and carve the inner core - often referred to as ‘vegetable ivory’ - into keyrings, jewellery and buttons.

Makalani fronds are expertly woven into attractive baskets; a skill that has been passed down over the generations from mother to daughter.

Desert Secrets’ lip balm container is ingeniously carved from the Makalani nut, showcasing Namibia’s natural plant products as well as local craftsmanship. The small baskets for our gift hampers are expertly hand-woven from the robust Makalani leaves.

While the outer layer of the Makalani fruit is eaten, the hard inner core – referred to as ‘vegetable ivory’- is carved into pendants and keyrings.

Desert Secrets has found an ingenious use for the Makalani nut: an innovative, unique and artistic container for its lip balm and solid perfume.

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